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Frequently Asked Questions

Friends of the Pack NIL Collective

What does Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) mean

“NIL” is the term used to associate with student-athletes ability to earn money off their individual brand. As of July 1, 2021, student-athletes across the country can now profit off their name, image, and likeness. Prior to July 1st, 2021, a student-athlete could not monetize from creating a YouTube channel, hosting a camp, or selling a signed jersey. Now, for example, a student-athlete may earn money for:

* Hosting their own football, soccer, or other sports camp. 

* Partnering with and promoting a local restaurant or business.  

* Having a photoshoot and autograph session. 

Is Friends of The Pack affiliated with UNR?

No. Friends of The Pack is a third-party organization, not affiliated with UNR. However, Friends of The Pack’s leadership is comprised, in part, by UNR alumni dedicated to creating a program that exclusively benefits the student-athletes, fans, and businesses in the community. 

I’d like to set up a meet and greet with a student-athlete, have a student-athlete coach my child, or get a personalized video. Are you able to assist with this?

Yes! If there is a custom opportunity you would like to create with a Nevada student-athlete, we will do our best to facilitate the engagement.  

I am a business owner and would like to align my brand with Friends of The Pack. How can I get more involved? 

Friends of The Pack is always looking to add value to fans, student-athletes, and businesses in the community. Partnering with a local student-athlete can be a great extension of your brand and help expand your marketing. If you have ideas for partnership opportunities, please email


Can I become a member of Friends of the Pack?

Yes. Friends of the Pack provides membership options for all Nevada alumni and fans, to join at a level that works for them. Members get more! Each membership tier provides benefits including exclusive merchandise, meet-and-greet opportunities with student-athletes, invitations to special events, and more. 

There’s a problem with my membership kit or merchandise. Who do I contact?

If you have any questions about your membership kit or the merchandise that you’ve received, please contact our membership fulfillment team at

When you become a member of Friends of the Pack, you will be prompted to designate which sport you would like to support with your contribution.

Tax-deductible Donations

Can I make a tax-deductible donation?

Yes. Friends of the Pack has a partnership with the BPS Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit, that allows supporters to earn a tax-deduction for their gift.

How are tax-deductible donations used?

Tax-deductible donations made to Friends of the Pack allow student-athletes to create meaningful partnerships and support charitable causes in the local community. Donors have the opportunity to designate their tax-deductible donation to student-athletes in a specific sport.

What’s the difference between a tax-deductible donation and becoming a member?

Becoming a member of Friends of the Pack unlocks a number of benefits including exclusive merchandise, meet-and-greet opportunities with student-athletes, and more. These are considered “member-only” benefits. Tax-deductible donations are not eligible for these benefits.